Your social life is better with a healthy mouth.

Boost your habits with our probiotics and antibacterial nightguard.
  • Natural ingredients only
  • As fast as drinking a shot
  • Balances bacteria during sleep
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Your mouth is the MVP in dating.

Because your smile is the 1st thing people notice and bad breath is known as the #1 reason there's no 2nd date. And above all, how else are you going to kiss?

Effective oral care is hard.

But ensuring your breath is fresh and you're confident about your smile is something else. Despite brushing & flossing daily, 1 out of 2 people still have embarrassing symptoms.

We've got next-level tools.

That's why we collaborated with dentists to develop a new suite of oral care tools.

These can be integrated into your daily routine to prevent bacteria from growing in the 1st place.

The antibacterial nightguard protects you from bacterial buildup while you sleep.

Antibacterial nightguard

Infused with zinc, bacteria cannot grow on this nightguard. So wearing this while you sleep, you prevent bacteria from growing in your mouth.
Step 3: nurture. Oral probiotics are mixed into water. Swirl to introduce healthy bacteria in your mouth.

Oral probiotics

Our patented formulation is clinically proven to suppress the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath. Just swoosh & swallow in the morning for protection throughout the day.
Discover our Starter Kit, learn how to do it, and see what difference 14 days can make.
  • Science based solution
  • Natural probiotics & zinc
  • Fits in your daily routine
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30 day money back guarantee.
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Happy Mouths, Happy People!

While we're on the cutting-edge of oral care science, we've already helped thousands of people save money, regain confidence in their oral care, and feel healthier.

“From the first day I noticed my mouth being cleaner when I wake up in the morning.”
“Love the product! I have been using it for a couple of days and really feel the difference.”
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Elemental vs Brushing & Flossing

See how Elemental's revolutionary approach to oral care compares to regular brushing and flossing.

Brushing & Flossing
Easy to Use
Visualizes Plaque
Inhibits Bad Bacterial Growth
Increases Good Bacteria
Nighttime Protection

What's Inside?


Our patented nightguard contains the same healthy Zinc that's in our Immune System and Saliva already.
Our probiotics are basically good bacteria. They're already present in our mouths, but Elemental helps them grow more balanced.

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