A healthy mouth for a healthy baby.

Boost your routine with our probiotics and antibacterial night guard.
  • Natural ingredients only
  • FDA approved
  • Suppress bacterial growth during sleep
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Pregnant woman benefit from boosting their oral care habits with the Elemental Oral Care Kit.
  • Better Oral Immune System
  • Smoother pregnancy
  • Better Health

Pregnancy burdens the mouth

As your body prepares to give birth, your mouth might struggle to defend itself against bad bacteria.

Bacteria can hurt you and your baby

When harmful bacteria take control, they cause bad breath, cavities and gum disease. Worst of all, these symptoms can also harm your pregnancy.

Pregnant woman suffering from oral care problems due to oral bacteria.

Go the extra mile with our help.

We developed 2 incredible solutions to prevent these bacteria from growing in the 1st place.

🌙 Prevents bacterial growth at night
The Elemental Bacteria-Inhibiting Nightguard. Prevents bacteria from growing while you sleep.

Bacteria-inhibiting nightguard

Wearing this guard at night prevents bacteria from building up. Wake up with a cleaner mouth and a breath that's fresher than you're used to!
☀️ Prevents bacterial growth during the day
The Elemental Oral Probiotics. Clinically proven to suppress bacteria causing gum disease and other common oral health issues.

Anti-gum disease probiotics

Our patented formula is clinically proven to suppress harmful bacteria that cause gum disease and breath. Use in the morning after brushing and flossing.
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  • Science based solution
  • Natural probiotics & zinc
  • Fits in your daily routine
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Happy Mouths, Happy Moms!

While we're on the cutting-edge of oral care science, we've already helped thousands of people save money, regain confidence in their oral care, and feel healthier.

“From the first day I noticed my mouth being cleaner when I wake up in the morning.”
“My gums are less sensitive since I use the guard and probiotics.”
Los Angeles

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Our daily probiotics product is developed especially for pregnant women to help fight gum disease, dry mouth, and bad breath.

  • Limited-time 14-day free trial
  • Safe for mum & baby
  • Retail price $14.99
  • Clinically proven effect against bacteria potentially harmful to pregnancy
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Probiotic powder in sachets, free sample
"I recommend this to every single patient for whom the brushing and flossing just isn't enough. And that's about 1 out of 2 pregnant woman."
Dr. Di Chiaro
General Dentist, Cincinnati
Approved & Certified by some of the world's leading oral healthcare experts.
Developed with KU Leuven University.

Elemental vs Brushing & Flossing

See how Elemental's revolutionary approach to oral care compares to regular brushing and flossing.

Brushing & Flossing
Easy to Use
Visualizes Plaque
Inhibits Bad Bacterial Growth
Increases Good Bacteria
Nighttime Protection

Proven pregnancy symptoms made easy. It's not a big deal.

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What's Inside?


Our patented nightguard contains the same healthy Zinc that's in our Immune System and Saliva already.
Our probiotics are basically good bacteria. They're already present in our mouths, but Elemental helps them grow more balanced.

Our Healthy Mouth Mission

Shane De Vreese co-founder and ceo at Elemental
At Elemental, we believe life is better with a healthy mouth because it gives us the confidence to smile, joke, and kiss. A healthy mouth protects us from bacteria & viruses that cause disease.

Yet more than 3.5 billion people are affected by oral disease every year, and 75% of Americans above the age of 30, will have severe gum disease at some point.

This means that despite regular brushing and flossing, bad oral bacteria are still causing billions of people around the world to live a life of embarrassment, anxiety, pain, and disease.

As dental professionals, we helped thousands of people with toothache, bleeding gums, bad breath and cavities. In every case, it was a bacterial infection as the root cause of all these embarrassing symptoms.
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