The Elemental Kit includes:

  • Patented Antibacterial Mouthguard
  • Oral Probiotics
  • Interdental Picks
  • Bacteria Exposing Tablets

The Antibacterial Mouthguard: Nighttime Defense Against Bacteria

The bacteria-fighting power of the SmileWise mouthguard makes this revolutionary tool your new secret weapon.

  • Zinc infused antibacterial polymer that’s 99.9% effective against bacteria and viruses
  • Easily shaped and molded at home to get the best possible fit
  • Convenient case to store your mouthguard at home or while traveling

Probiotic Supplements: Flood Your Mouth With Good Bacteria

One of the best ways to maintain optimal oral health is to counter the effects of bad bacteria with probiotics. Probiotics are highly beneficial bacteria that can help to balance out your oral microbiome, keeping bad bacteria from wreaking havoc in your mouth.

Our custom blend of probiotics contains highly beneficial strains of good bacteria that are essential for a healthy oral biome. Just what the dentist ordered!

  • 14 days of active Zinkh probiotics
  • Convenient packets that mix into water
  • Refreshing mint-flavor

Interdental Picks: Floss The Right Way

Choosing the right tool to floss is one of the keys to caring for your mouth. SmileWise makes flossing as simple and effective as possible with interdental picks.

Designed to remove plaque and food residue while reducing the amount of bad breath-causing bacteria in your mouth, these picks are the perfect tool to boost your oral hygiene routine.

Bacteria Exposing Tablets: See Your Progress

Getting feedback is key to an effective routine, so we include Disclosing Tablets to show you where any pesky plaque is hiding. Simply complete your oral care routine, chew on a Disclosing Tablet and any excess plaque will show up on your teeth and gums for you to remove. Instant feedback.

What dentists are saying about Elemental
"The SmileWise Kit is a great home solution to get rid of oral bacterial buildup more effectively."
Dr. Evelyn Jacquemyns
General Dentist

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