Elemental Granulate Sample

Elemental Granulate is a practical, biocompatible bacteriostatic wound barrier to protect oral surgical sites.
  • Inhibits bacterial & biofilm growth
  • Minimize healing complications & post-operative pain
  • Create optimal & predictable healing conditions
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  • Contains 3g of Elemental Granulate
  • Access to protocols & instructions to get started
Sample kits are available for: case documentation, academic research, lectures by opinion leaders and distribution partners.
Dr. Haakon Kuit
Dr. Yin Hui
Dr. Stuart Kilner
Dr. Acela Martinez
Dr. Fabio Manuel Filannino
Dr. Cleopatra Nacoupulos
Dr. Minas Leventis
Dr. Kenneth Van Stralen
Dr. Mohammed El Farouki
Dr. Kenneth Van Stralen
Dr. Minas Leventis
Dr. Bernardo Passoni
Dr. Kenneth Van Stralen
Dr. Minas Leventis
Dr. Bo Molemans