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Biomimetic dental materials for improved surgical site protection. Inspired by Nature, Backed by Science.

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  • Minimize patient pain after palatal grafts
  • Protect surgical sites & extraction sockets
  • Save chairtime & material costs

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KU Leuven University
Çukurova University
Leading Ladies in Dentistry
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The Elemental Solution

Oral Surgical Granulates

We invested 10 years of dedicated biomimetic research into the development of a biocompatible oral surgical dressing that recreates the way the human immune system uses zinc.
  • No post-operative pain
  • Less healing complications
  • Antibacterial & antifungal
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy & intuitive
  • Improved mechanical protection
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Used by clinicians for

The Elemental Bacteria-Inhibiting Nightguard. Prevents bacteria from growing while you sleep.

Palatal Grafts

Minimize post-operative pain for your patients after palatal grafts. No sutures or impressions needed.
The Elemental Bacteria-Inhibiting Nightguard. Prevents bacteria from growing while you sleep.

Extraction Sites

Minimize healing complications after tooth extractions with instant antibacterial mechanical protection.
The Elemental Bacteria-Inhibiting Nightguard. Prevents bacteria from growing while you sleep.

Implant Sites

Improved alveolar ridge preservation & antibacterial mechanical protection of your bone grafting material.

More from the community

Palatal Graft
Dr. Violeta Claus
Oral surgical granulate as wound dressing after palatal graft.
Palatal Graft
Dr. Alexander De Greef
Wound dressing with Elemental granulates after FGG in aesthetic corrective case.
Palatal Graft
Prof. Cenk Haytac
Patient reported no post-operative pain with palatal stent after palatal graft.
Palatal Graft
Dr. Sofia Karapataki
Healing abutment made from oral surgical granulate.
Palatal Graft
Prof. Cenk Haytac
Observed accelerated wound-healing & better epithelialization after palatal graft with Elemental stent.
Palatal Graft
Dr. Bahar Alkaya
Covered palatal graft with oral surgical granulate. Post-operative day 1, no bleeding and pain reported.

Why dental professionals choose Elemental

& easy to use.

No post-operative pain for your patient.

Less healing complications.

Cost-effective and instantly.

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The Elemental Scientific Community

Top-notch clinicians are using Elemental for a wide number of indications.
Prof. Cenk Haytac
Research partner, performing clinical studies at Cukurova University.
Dr. Henriette Lerner
"After 32 years of experience, I'm looking for solutions that make my treatments less invasive, faster, more effective, and solve problems that haven't been solved yet. Like periodontitis, peri-implantitis, and accelerated wound healing.

The whole crew of the Leading Ladies in Dentistry is very excited about this."
Prof. Wim Teughels
"We've tested the Elemental materials as a surgical dressing after palatal graft surgery and noticed 2-3 times faster healing as I would normally expect. Next to that, it's very easy to apply on the palate and a very modular product for a wide range of indications.

In my experience, we didn't reach the limits of this material yet."
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How it works

Thermoplastic biocompatible granulates for instant oral surgical site protection.

Antibacterial guard and it's storage case

Heat & Mix

Pour the granulates in a glass container of hot water and mix until they clump together.

Mould & Make

Take out the material. It's now soft and mouldable.
You can instantly apply the dressing in the mouth.

Working & Setting Time

The material starts to harden after approx. 1 minute and fully hardens after approx. 3 minutes, depending on the amount of material used.

Re-heat to adjust or re-do

You can reheat to adjust or re-do the material as many times as needed.

Clinically validated for the following indications

Top-notch clinicians are using Elemental for the following indications

Our Clinical Mission

For practicioners

Elemental aims to support more predictable & robust outcomes, through solutions that are viable from an operational & financial perspective.

For the industry

Elemental means recognizing the biological nature of oral health, also within the context of systemic health.

For the patient

By equipping clinicians with minimally-invasive solutions to balance the microbiome, patients end up with less pain and healthier mouths.

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The Science Behind Elemental

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Oral Surgical Granulates

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