Minimize complications on your oral surgical sites & increase patient comfort.

Fast & easy bacteriostatic protection for your oral surgical sites.

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  • Create optimal & predictable healing conditions
  • Minimize healing complications & post-operative pain
  • Inhibits bacterial & biofilm growth

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KU Leuven University
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Leading Ladies in Dentistry
Meet our Scientific Community
Since using Elemental granulate, my patients report no post-operative pain anymore after palatal grafts.
Prof. Cenk Haytac
I'm not losing any bone graft material anymore and the healing results are the best I could wish for.
Dr. Minas Leventis

The Elemental Solution

We integrated the way the human immune system uses zinc into a biocompatible dental polymer. The result is a versatile solution for periodontists, implantologists and oral surgeons.

Elemental helps clinicians to:


Palatal stent in soft tissue augmentation techniques.

The Elemental Bacteria-Inhibiting Nightguard. Prevents bacteria from growing while you sleep.
  • Optimal stabilization of the blood clot
  • Bacteriostatic mechanical protection
  • Minimize post-operative pain

Socket sealing in alveolar ridge preservation.

The Elemental Bacteria-Inhibiting Nightguard. Prevents bacteria from growing while you sleep.
  • Protect bone graft material or PRF
  • No more membranes needed
  • Predictable healing outcomes

Why dental professionals choose Elemental

& easy to use.

No post-operative pain for your patient.

Fewer healing complications.

Cost-effective and instantly applicable.

How to implement

Hydroplastic, bacteriostatic and biocompatible granulate to protect your surgical work, create favorable healing conditations and minimize complications.

Palatal stent on donor site in gingival augmentation procedures.

Antibacterial guard and it's storage case

Step 1

After taking the soft tissue graft, place the palatal stent made with Elemental granulate on the donor site.

Step 2

As the stent stabilizes the blood clot, there is better visualization when placing the graft on the recipient site.

Step 3

The patient wears the palatal stent for 7 days. Patients wearing a stent made with Elemental granulate report no post-operative pain.

Step 4

Clinicians observe better and faster re-epithelization of the donor site.

Socket seal in alveolar ridge preservation techniques.

Antibacterial guard and it's storage case

Step 1

Perform the tooth extraction and place the bone graft material or platelet-rich fibrin.

Step 2

Place a thin layer of granulate as a socket seal and fixate the material with sutures for optimal stability.

Step 3

Elemental mechanically keeps the bone grafting material in place. Patients report no post-operative pain.

Step 4

Clinicians observe optimal healing, the site being covered completely by newly-formed connective tissue after 8 days, and no loss of bone graft material.

Clinically validated for the following indications

Top-notch clinicians are using Elemental for the following indications

The Elemental Scientific Community

Meet the people leading the Elemental movement.
Dr. Henriette Lerner
"After 32 years of experience, I'm looking for solutions that make my treatments less invasive, faster, more effective, and solve problems that haven't been solved yet. Like periodontitis, peri-implantitis, and accelerated wound healing.

The whole crew of the Leading Ladies in Dentistry is very excited about this."
Prof. Wim Teughels
"We've tested the Elemental materials as a surgical dressing after palatal graft surgery and noticed 2-3 times faster healing as I would normally expect. Next to that, it's very easy to apply on the palate and a very modular product for a wide range of indications.

In my experience, we didn't reach the limits of this material yet."
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Prof. Wim Teughels
Head of Periodontology & Microbiology Department KU Leuven University
Leading Elemental's clinical & academic research
Prof. Cenk Haytac
Head of Periodontology Department at Cukurova University
Performing clinical studies at Cukurova University
Dr. Henriette Lerner
Specialist in oral surgery, focusing on implantology and aesthetics
Building network of Elemental evangelists
Dr. Kenneth Van Stralen
Specialist in full-mouth rehabilitation and reconstructive surgery
Contributing to practical & clinical validation
Dr. Minas Leventis
Oral surgeon & researcher in Oral Surgery, Tissue Engineering & Implants
Contributing to Bone Graft Protocols
Dr. Alexander De Greef
Practicing Periodontist & Implantologist
Contributing to Soft Tissue Graft Protocols

More from the community

Dr. Violeta Claus
Oral surgical granulate as wound dressing after palatal graft.
Dr. Alexander De Greef
Wound dressing with Elemental granulates after FGG in aesthetic corrective case.
Prof. Cenk Haytac
Patient reported no post-operative pain with palatal stent after palatal graft.
Dr. Cristiano Caleffi
Using Elemental as socket sealing solution to protect bone graft material.
Dr. Kenneth Van Stralen
Mechanical antibacterial coverage of tooth extraction site with Elemental granulate
Dr. Bahar Alkaya
Covered palatal graft with oral surgical granulate. Post-operative day 1, no bleeding and pain reported.
Dr. Alexander De Greef
Extension on prosthesis, patient could keep on wearing prosthesis while donor site was covered.
Dr. Minas Leventis
Covered the bone graft with Elemental granulate as a socket seal and observed the best possible healing & no loss of bone graft material.

Our Clinical Mission

For practicioners

Elemental aims to support more predictable & robust outcomes, through solutions that are viable from an operational & financial perspective.

For the industry

Elemental means recognizing the biological nature of oral health, also within the context of systemic health.

For the patient

By equipping clinicians with minimally-invasive solutions to balance the microbiome, patients end up with less pain and healthier mouths.


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